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"The sound of iammynewt is one of urgency and aggravation, chockfull of ear-splitting synthesizer arrangements, desolate atmospheres, and head-churning beats. There is a deceptive simplicity to iammynewt’s approach; stark, visceral, and rich in creativity. One is never overwhelmed, and yet one can get lost in the sonic maze."
- Ilker Yücel

Remixes for artists include Anarki, Avarice In Audio, CEOXiME, Chemlab, Cyanotic, The Damage Manual, Dismantled, Diverje, Dyskhord , Empty, Endif, Gheists, Headdreamer, in-Fused, Lucidstatic, Mangadrive, Pandora's Black Book, Pigface, Project .44, PTI, Rx, SERO.OVERDOSE, Skullduggery, SMP, Static Logic, Torrent Vaccine and Virtual Terrorist.

iammynewt has also participated in tribute CDs for music icons The Ramones, and goth favorites Attrition.